Little Lighthouse for Babies – Early Intervention

Vision is the primary sense used for learning; it motivates a baby to take an interest in the world around him/her, assists with developing skills and confidence, and ultimately, it encourages active participation. Without vision, a baby must learn to use other senses and develop other skills in order to develop fully. Blind babies have very special needs, since they must learn to locate, reach and grasp objects, then crawl, stand, walk, talk, and play while having a vision loss.

The “Little Lighthouse” program teaches babies to use any residual vision they have and their other senses, so that they are able to meet their developmental milestones and learn as much as they can before they are of school age. The Lighthouse also provides services to parents and professionals, to ensure that babies are as prepared as they can be for school and life.

“I now know my child can be anything she wants to be!” stated a mother who saw her 6-month-old daughter start to explore the world around her, as a result of the training provided by Becky Barber, the Early Intervention Specialist at the Lighthouse.

The Blind Babies Program is funded in part by the Florida Division of Blind Services, foundations, corporations, and private donors. The Annual Chasco Coronation Ball also raises funds for our Blind Babies Program.

Client Story


Arabella was born with a vision impairment. From a very early age, Arabella has been using “Little Lighthouse” services to develop the blind skills she needs for now and for the future.

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