Sponsoring and Advertising in LVIB IN TOUCH

LVIB IN TOUCH raises awareness about free vision rehabilitation services for persons who are experiencing vision loss, and it helps develop community support. 5,000 printed copies of LVIB IN TOUCH are distributed across Pasco, Hernando and Citrus counties. We also send the newsletter out by email, and post it on our website, Facebook, and Google+, and we tweet it on Twitter. As of September 2017, we had approximately 320 email subscribers, 900 Facebook likes, 50 Google+ followers, and 75 Twitter followers.

Businesses and organizations are invited to advertise in or sponsor LVIB IN TOUCH as a means to connect with their customers, and to demonstrate to their customers how they are involved with the community. Sponsors and advertisers can also help the Lighthouse meet its mission. The Lighthouse is funded in part by the Division of Blind Services, Pasco County Commissioners, and by the United Way of Pasco and Hernando Counties. We depend on donations from businesses and private citizens to meet the need for service.

LVIB IN TOUCH SPONSORSHIP opportunities include:

  • Sponsor the man hours required to develop the print newsletter.
  • Sponsor the printing costs.
  • Sponsor the cost for the postage, envelopes and labels used to distribute the print version.
  • Sponsor the cost to produce and distribute the html (email) version.
  • Sponsor the cost to develop the database and the software needed for effective donor relations.
  • Sponsors are recognized in our newsletter and on our website. They also receive regular agency updates and invitations to events.

LVIB IN TOUCH ADVERTISING opportunities include:

  • Ads strategically placed in the printed, html or online versions.
  • Your advertisement can be placed elsewhere, according to your business needs.

How to become a sponsor or an advertiser:

  • Please contact Sylvia Perez, our Chief Executive Officer, at (727) 815-0303 or sperez@lvib.org to discuss.
  • Sponsorship and advertising rates start at $250.
  • Gifts-in-kind and donations are also appreciated.


LVIB IN TOUCH is the free newsletter created and distributed by Lighthouse for the Visually Impaired and Blind. LVIB IN TOUCH raises awareness about services and it also educates the public about blindness. Our newsletter reaches private citizens, businesses of all kinds, and professionals in the fields of education, nursing, assisted living, government and other disability areas. LVIB IN TOUCH is available in html, plain-text, large-print, and Braille-embossed formats. Volunteers are used in all aspects of the newsletter to reduce the cost of administration. Volunteers help develop the database, edit articles, proofread drafts, do the folding, and stuff the envelopes. If you would like to volunteer, please visit our Volunteer Page.

About Blindness

There are thousands of people living with vision impairments in the USA. According to The National Federation of the Blind, 1.3 million babies, children, teens, adults and seniors have vision that cannot be corrected with prescription glasses. This number is sure to increase when the newest census data is released. The number will also increase with the continued decrease in mortality rates of premature babies, and as the aging population continues to mushroom. Here in the Sunshine State, we are particularly sensitive about vision impairment because of the growing size of our senior population. Vision rehabilitation services like those offered by Lighthouse for the Visually Impaired and Blind are growing in demand by persons experiencing vision loss and their families.

Thank you for considering sponsorship and advertising opportunities in LVIB IN TOUCH.


The National Federation of the Blind

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