School to Work Transition

The Lighthouse provides a year-round transition program for teens with vision loss ages 14 to 22. The goal of the program is to empower students to live more independent, productive lives by providing a variety of instruction and activities that include daily living, technology, career exploration, socialization, recreation, orientation and mobility, and self-determination.

Transition students meet one day per week after school from 3:30-6:30pm, one Saturday a month and during the day on teacher planning days. Transportation to and from the Lighthouse is provided by Lighthouse staff, taxis, or other forms of public transportation. One-on-one instruction can be provided if students are unable to attend the group sessions. During the summer, a 5 week program includes a paid work experience.

Lighthouse utilizes a program/curriculum of methods and techniques based on the Vision Rehabilitation Model/best practices in the field of Vision Rehabilitation for developing independent living and employment skills, orientation and mobility skills, and the use of adaptive technology/devices. Lighthouse employs experienced Vision Rehabilitation Therapists, and Orientation & Mobility Specialists who are certified by the Accreditation Council of Vision Rehabilitation Professionals. Many of our staff members, also, are visually impaired. Personal experience with blindness and vision rehabilitation enables us to deliver a comprehensive program that addresses the functional and emotional impact of vision loss.

The Lighthouse is very pleased to offer a new Parent of the Visually Impaired Support/Educational Group. Lighthouse staff are asking parents interested in joining the group to answer a short questionnaire (available from the Lighthouse) to determine the best meeting time and areas of interest for educational discussions.

Thanks Publix, Walmart, Kohl's, TD and DBS for helping fund the program.Thank you to our donors!

The Teen Program is funded in part by the Florida Division of Blind Services, by grants from organizations such as the Walmart Foundation and the TD Charitable Foundation, and by private donors.

The Annual Dining in the Dark also helps raise funds for our Teen Program.

Here’s a video our teens made about their 2017 summer program.

For more formation about this program, please contact the Lighthouse.

Client Story


Danny is a 17-year-old young man who began participating in the Lighthouse Teen School to Work Transition Program 3 years ago. Danny has made huge strides and Lighthouse staff are so proud of the successes he has had.

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