Orientation and Mobility

Orientation and Mobility (O&M) training teaches individuals with visual impairments to travel safely, efficiently, and independently in various environments. In order to travel safely and efficiently the client needs to answer the following questions:

A male client with his white cane and his instructorLearning to use the White Cane at the Lighthouse

  • Where am I?
  • Where am I going?
  • How am I going to get there safely and efficiently?

O&M specialists help people get around a variety of environments; including their home, community, church, school, etc. Orientation and mobility specialists work with adults and children with visual impairments. Together, the instructor and client develop an individualized program to meet his/her needs and goals.

As a client you will learn…

  • To interpret the sounds of traffic.
  • Cross streets safely.
  • To use a cane when traveling.
  • To find the most efficient and safe way to get to work, home, community events, etc.
  • To solicit aid when necessary.
  • To access public transportation.
  • To independently shop in a store.
  • Fall prevention techniques.

Lighthouse also provides Sun Shield evaluations. Sun Shields reduce glare and enhance contrast, which maximizes residual vision, increases mobility, and decreases discomfort related to light-sensitivity.

The overall goal of orientation and mobility training is to give independence back to the individual.

For more formation about this program, please contact the Lighthouse.

Learn about White Cane Safety Day.

Client Story


John, a retired U.S. Army Major, recently received Lighthouse services. When John first came to the Lighthouse, he felt that there was nothing he could learn because of his vision impairment. Then John met his instructor who was also visually impaired.

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