Fundraising Events

The Lighthouse is funded in part by the Department of Education, Division of Blind Services, by the United Ways of Pasco and Hernando counties, and by Pasco County Commissioners. We also depend on fundraising and donations from clubs, businesses and private citizens in order to meet the need for services. Each year, the Lighthouse also holds 2 major fundraising dinner/dance events in order to raise funds for services:

Dining in the Dark Logo

Dining in the Dark is held in February in Hernando County. The highlight of the evening is dining in the dark, though not all of the meal is presented this way. At least 2 courses are blindfold optional in order to give our guests an opportunity to “eat with their eyes.” Simulator glasses are also used so guests can experience different types of vision loss.

Chasco Coronation Ball logo

The Chasco Coronation Ball is held in Pasco County in March or April, depending on the dates set by the Chasco Fiesta. The highlight of the evening is the Royal Coronation of King Pithla and Queen Chasco, who are selected from nominees who have demonstrated their commitment to improving the lives of people living in the community.

We also hold several awareness events each year. Please visit our events page for details.

Thanks for supporting our programs