Children’s Program

The Children’s Program is focused on providing compensatory training to children with vision impairments, age 5 to 13. The goal is to provide children with training that will enable them to develop skills, behaviors, and attitudes important to function and adapt as people with a visual impairment.

Through expanded core curriculum training including adaptive daily living skills, Braille literacy, assistive technology, orientation and mobility training, self-advocacy and self-determination, and pre-employment exploration, the children will develop greater confidence and blindness skills. Services are offered 3 after school days a month, Saturdays as feasible, teacher planning days, and for 3 weeks during the summer.

Services also include our Beeping Easter Egg Hunt and our year end party. See photos from our 2017 Beeping Easter Egg Hunt. You can also read “Youngsters with vision problems enjoy Easter egg hunt” by The Suncoast News. Here’s a video from our children’s 2017 summer program—click here for a

The Lighthouse is very pleased to offer a new Parent of the Visually Impaired Support/Educational Group. Lighthouse staff are asking parents interested in joining the group to answer a short questionnaire (available from the Lighthouse) to determine the best meeting time and areas of interest for educational discussions.

Regular Activities for Children who are Visually Impaired and Blind

The children at the fire hall, standing with the fire station mascot in front of the fire truck.

The Children's Program provides children who are visually impaired and blind with activities that are fun, educational and accessible.