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At the Lighthouse, Joann met visually impaired people for the first time. Her class was taught by an instructor who is legally blind, and she was one of seven visually impaired and blind individuals in her IL program. The instructor taught adaptive skills and coping strategies. To help those with night blindness, or fluctuating and/or diminishing vision, the instructor taught a cooking class in the dark. Joann learned to use her peripheral vision and to compensate for vision loss with her other senses. She also began to learn how to use a white cane to safely get around.

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Abigail’s family celebrated her second birthday in May, although they knew it should have been in August. She was born three months prematurely, so her first months were a blur of stress, worry, uncertainty, and intense hope for her family. Abigail spent months in the neonatal unit before they could bring her home, and she was treated by countless specialists for the many complications that came from arriving so early. One of those complications, retinopathy of prematurity, caused her to lose the vision completely in one eye and it permanently damaged the other.

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Benny developed Macular Degeneration in the last five years. As her vision loss increased, Benny gave up many things that were important to her, like driving, reading, and cooking. Then she decided to get help and came to the Lighthouse for our Independent Living Skills Program. Since her training, Benny is back to reading, cooking, or doing many things she enjoys—she has returned to living her life with purpose and independence.

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Arabella was born with a vision impairment. From a very early age, Arabella has been using “Little Lighthouse” services to develop the blind skills she needs for now and for the future.

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Reagan & Kennedy

Reagan, age 3 and Kennedy, age 2, are baby sisters who share many things. One is the fact that they’re having happy, active lives, and another is a congenital vision impairment called Lebers Congenital Amaurosis.

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Danny is a 17-year-old young man who began participating in the Lighthouse Teen School to Work Transition Program 3 years ago. Danny has made huge strides and Lighthouse staff are so proud of the successes he has had.

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Heather is an articulate individual, who you might not believe is blind. She has led a very independent life until recently when she experienced a severe loss of vision. That’s why she came to the Lighthouse.

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John, a retired U.S. Army Major, recently received Lighthouse services. When John first came to the Lighthouse, he felt that there was nothing he could learn because of his vision impairment. Then John met his instructor who was also visually impaired.

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Joyce thought she wasn’t blind enough for Lighthouse services, but after considering her limitations related to vision loss, and the fact that Lighthouse could help her get some of that back, she quickly changed her mind.

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Carl’s sudden vision loss took everyone by surprise. He has an aunt who is visually impaired, so he has experience with blindness. However, he was not prepared to deal with a vision loss of his own. Carl and his wife learned about the Lighthouse in the local paper. They contacted us and the rest is his-story.

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